EIFS Shapes

Crown Molding, Columns, Caps & Bases

Not only do we supply sheet foam for EIFS systems, but Imperial Foam can make any component for systems.

We have standard trims, sills, columns, caps and bases or we can provide you with your own custom design.

We cut shapes for the Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS). Our computer controlled cutting machines can cut about any shape that you can imagine. We also produce straight and tapered columns to your specifications.

The expanded polystyrene exterior wall insulation is distributed and fabricated by A & R Supply LLC. An Exterior Insulation Finish System or protective coating system is applied over the exposed expanded polystyrene. Minimum thickness is 3/4 inch; you can see varying forms of thickness in the drawings below. The expanded polystyrene is air-dried for six weeks, or hot room aged, then packaged in polybags. All of our expanded polystyrene boards are checked for square and smoothness so that no warpage is present.


Specifications and Physical Properties

R- Value - 1#  Nominal Density 
ASTM C177/C518
40 degrees F
75 degrees F
Water Absorption
ASTM C272 (% by volume)
4.0 max
Compressive Strength
ASTM D1621 (psi)
10-14   Flame Spread
Water Vapor (perm in)
Transmission ASTM E96
2.0-5.0   Smoke Developed
Foam Types

- Expanded polystyrene has been used in the construction industry for the last 35 years. It has become the main foundation of the Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) industry for the past two decades.

Design Flexibility - Expanded polystyrene offers design opportunities limited only to the designers dreams and imagination. Imperial Foam has a full time staff to assist the designers visions.

Insulation Values - Expanded polystyrene R values remain constant throughout the life of the wall. Most expanded polystyrene is applied to the exterior walls to prevent structural movement caused by temperature variations. Years later expanded polystyrene continues to provide energy savings for the homeowner.

Application - Expanded polystyrene can be applied by field application or panelization. Which application is determined by size, weather or urgency to close in the building. Either system installs quickly providing efficiency for the architect or contractor. Imperial expanded polystyrene surface provides and excellent bonding to he wall surface. This same surface condition allows the exterior insulation finish system a maximum bonding to the expanded polystyrene board.

Industry Standards - Expanded polystyrene distributed and fabricated by Imperial Foam meets all industry standards and testing requirement for the Exterior Insulation Manufacturer's Association. Imperial expanded polystyrene is manufactured to the latest ASTM, UL & FM and major building code standards.


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