Parex USA has always been at the forefront of innovation and product development. The same is true for when it comes to color. The pigments in Parex USA finishes are 100 percent exterior grade for maximum colorfastness and UV resistance. And, in our textured surfaces, we use only bright white marble aggregate as texturing stone on all finishes. It's an exceptional step that improves color stability and consistency while providing sharper and cleaner colors than finishes with other aggreagates. No other aggregate yields such consistent color.


There is nothing standard about color. So, we do what is necessary to match any custom color you can imagine. It is time to let your colors fly with Parex USA's virtually limiltess color and texture options.

In addition to our wide selection of color options, Parax USA standard colors and custom colors are available with our new ColorFast pigment system. The new high-end color systme increases the range of color options we are able to achieve. ColorFast pigments are VOC and APEO-free. they also come iwth a fade resitant warranty when used with a Parex USA finish or coating.

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DPR Acrylic Finishes

DPR Acrylic Finishes are 100% acrylic-based textured finishes made with Dirt Pick-Up Resistance (DPR) technology meaning the surface of the finish hardens and does not soften again under heat. The non-tacky surface provides high resistance to accumulation of dirt, mold, and pollutants.

Elastomeric Finishes

Elastomeric Finishes are formulated with DPR technology, but they also provide superior elongation. They are highly flexible and can bridge existing hairline cracks.


Parex USA offers a premier line of coatings that create a protective and decorative layer over any Parex USA finish. Availalble as a DPR Acrylic Coating and Elastomeric Coating, they are able to resist fading and the build-up of dirt, soil, and mold.


For additional design flexibility, Parex USA offers a wide range of textures. From smooth to heavily textured, with aggregate sizes from fine to coarse. Parex USA's broad range of textures also includes a variety of specialty finishes designed to create high-end decorative surfaces. The design potential is endless.


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